Ok, so you are interested to know about this blog ..

Well it’s a long story, first allow me to introduce my self,

My name is Hala, a 34 years old Palestinian/Syrian women, happily married, and have been away from the tech world for more than 5 years,

I used to be a dreamer,I always saw my self as my own boss, so after graduating from collage, me and my friend had a small startup company, we created a financial project called Msrofi in 2010 ,it was a big hit but unfortunately the Arabic market wasn’t ready yet to accept such approach so it faded until we killed the project later..

Long story short, the war started in Syria, we lost peace of mind, and sense of safety, you would leave your house but who knows if you would come back alive … So I started drifting away from the tech world. I moved to Egypt then Turkey, tried to come back but I was too confused, depressed and afraid to do so,.

I believe over these years I have built a shell and isolated my self from everything around, and that led to my failure in learning and coming back, so i decided to create this blog and share my learning experience, after all talking about your problem is half the way to solving it .. This blog will document my steps in learning ionic mainly and programming generally, you will find tips and tricks, my mistakes, code , maybe some tutorials , expect to see success and failures, ups and downs, oh ..  I might write something wrong so please feel free to correct me 🙂

Well thats it for now ..